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Special Projects

W.J. Miller Builders, Inc. has completed many projects that are outside of the norm of our usual project classifications. These include such items as the Clifton Club stairs, which were built down the side of a cliff. These projects are usually requested by a previous customer with a special need. W.J. Miller Builders, Inc. is known for going above and beyond the norm for our clients.

Please see our portfolio of special projects below, and contact us to arrange a consultation for your project.

 Portfolio of Construction Projects

Lighting, Stairs, Cabinets, Glass Block:
Tom LaMarca Hair Studio
Lyndhurst, Ohio
Beauty salon buildouts can be something special and hi-tech with the addition of track lighting, spiral stairs, custom built cabinetry and glass block.
We found that, in certain areas, glass block windows enhance a room without taking away much needed light.
Custom built work stations bring an element of distinction to your location.
Customers are welcomed with an attractive and comfortable reception area.
Shelving Units:
Various Locations
Custom casework, built-in cabinets and shelving units offer so much in design and space saving floor plans.
This cabinet is a different configuration of the shelving unit shown above.


Custom Tables/Cabinetry:
Various Locations

This custom made table includes beveled edges and column-type bases.
Cabinetry and countertops can really make a staff lounge. See more of Dr. Marsh's facility.
Even with space limitations, our built-in cabinetry can turn any bathroom into a work of art. See more of Dr. Marsh's facility.
Clifton Club Stairs were constructed with very little impact to the surrounding landscape. these stairs are approximately 85 feet in length and rise over 60 feet.
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